A New Year’s Day Walk in Seattle

The sun finally peaked out a bit today so I took an impromptu walk to stretch my legs. While I wasn’t too adventurous (walking in a city I’ve lived in most of my life), I thought I would share a few photos and descriptions of the trip.

I started off by taking the light rail from Westlake Station (downtown Seattle) to University of Washington Station, where I began my walk. I can’t say enough about how amazing this 10-minute ride is in that it has cut travel time between these two neighborhoods by 30 minutes since you take the train through an underground tunnel, away from surface traffic.

I walked primarily through a few parks in this part of town:

Union Bay Natural Area – This is right behind Husky Stadium. It is largely under restoration right now, so there isn’t a lot to see, especially now that it is winter. There are a ton of birds in the area, though.


Cowen and Ravenna Parks –  A group of trails in a ravine running through a residential area took me most of the way from the University Village area to Green Lake. There were a lot of people walking, jogging and biking through here. Many dogs, too. And one owl.


From there, I rode the number 26 Metro bus back downtown.

This walk is about 5 miles without the Green Lake loop and 8 miles with.

Full route: