How To: Remember Your Gear — The Mountaineers

I am sharing this link below from The Mountaineer blog because it it’s a good reminder of the utility of checklists and to check your gear each time you pack or repack it. 

I an not immune. My most embarrassing related moment involved an evening hike to Rattlesnake Ledge to watch the moon rise over Snoqualmie Mountain. I made sure all of the participants had headlamps or flashlights before heading out but failed to check my own gear. 

The night ended with me walking through nearly pitch black woods, following the voices of my group (they had gotten ahead of me) and hoping I was still on the trail. 

I remembered my stove, extra water, an assortment of mugs and a supply of instant hot beverages to share as the temperature fell that night…but I had forgotten to make sure I had my (much more crucial) source of illumination for the hike back to the cars. It ended fine but could have been a disaster. 

Here is the link:

Maybe I’ll start using checklists more often. 

Photos of the moonrise below are by Mafalda Melo, a fellow adventurer who is no longer with us but who always remembered her headlamp (and her camera).